PUBG: New State is coming to mobile devices later this year

The latest entry in the battle royale franchise

PUBG: New State is coming to mobile devices later this year

Krafton has confirmed that a new mobile entry in the PUBG franchise is on the way.

PUBG: New State is set to launch later this year and will be a free-to-play title on both iOS and Android devices. Players are able to pre-register for the title on Google Play.

New State has been designed specifically for mobile devices, utilising the gun-play and mechanics that made the original PUBG a battle royale hit.

However, the game will also benefit from new features such as in-game weapon customisation, combat rolls, drones, futuristic ballistic shields and more.

Players will be able to use different kits to make a variety of weapons. A firearm can see a range of benefits depending upon what is used, including fire mode selection, grenade launcher attachments, and performance enhancements.

"Given the fan support and massive success of the previous games, it is humbling to be able to build and introduce the next game in the franchise that revolutionised the battle royale genre worldwide," said PUBG: New State executive producer MinKyu Park.

"We want to build on that legacy by creating an experience that pushes the limits of mobile gaming.

"Watching our team come together to develop a global product has been an amazing experience, and we are confident that it will speak to all audiences when it launches later this year."

It's on!

The game will take place in 2051, years after the events of PUBG. As such, a new battleground called TROI has been introduced and will feature several landmarks.

Moreover, a new range of intractable objects has been added to offer other ways of destroying the opposition.

"At Krafton, our goal is to create masterpieces that provide premier gameplay experiences. With PUBG: New State, the next title in our growing PUBG franchise, we hope to realise that vision," said Krafton CEO CH Kim.

"We are giving our full support to PUBG Studio to ensure that they continue to develop games that feature their unique identity, further solidifying their position as the pioneers of the battle royale genre."

News of a new PUBG mobile title being in development broke earlier this year, as Krafton insisted it will not be known "as a one-hit-wonder."

PUBG Mobile has proven to be exceedingly popular over the years. In 2020, the battle royale title hit some impressive milestones, including 600 million downloads, though it has since increased to 770 million, and $3.5 billion in lifetime revenue.

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