Glu Mobile launches MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021

The franchise has 45 million downloads

Glu Mobile launches MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021

Glu Mobile has launched the latest entry in its free-to-play baseball franchise.

Created in collaboration with Major League Baseball, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 has various new features.

For the first time since the series began, players will be able to pitch and join club rally events.

Naturally, the mobile title has an authentic feel as it includes teams from the MLB 2021 season, Major League players and famous ballparks.

Last year, the franchise crossed an impressive monetary milestone as it surpassed $340 million in lifetime revenue, making it a key driving force in Glu's success.

"In 2020, the Tap Sports Baseball franchise surpassed $340 million of lifetime bookings," said Glu CEO and president Nick Earl.

"As one of Glu's leading Growth Games, I'm proud of the team's talent and the continued success of the franchise with our new 2021 experience."

Home run

Moreover, the free-to-play baseball series has attracted more than 45 million players.

"We can't wait to introduce this year's experience to the Tap Sports Baseball community," said Glu VP of product and MLB Tap Sports Baseball GM Brent Stephenson.

"MLB Tap Sports Baseball boasts over 45 million franchise downloads and counting, and with new game modes, real MLB ballparks, teams and players, our team has built an incredibly authentic MLB gameplay experience for the 2021 season."

Last month, Electronic Arts snapped up Glu Mobile, strengthening its foothold in the mobile market.

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