Nintendo using Nvidia chips for its latest Switch hardware

The console will be released later this year

Nintendo using Nvidia chips for its latest Switch hardware

The upcoming new Nintendo Switch model is to feature an updated Nvidia chip.

Bloomberg reports that the company has chosen the chipset to bring better graphics and speed time to the hardware.

Nintendo's updated console will utilise Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). Through this, the Switch will be able to offer 4K visuals when connected to a compatible TV.

However, the DLSS will also offer more memory and a better CPU. It is claimed that it will primarily be used to up the graphics of future Switch software.

Recently, it has been rumoured that the updated Switch hardware will feature a seven-inch Samsung OLED screen.

Switch it up

The original Nintendo Switch was launched in March 2017, with the Switch Lite later arriving in September 2019. The family of consoles has hit the "midpoint" of its lifecycle.

Since its release, the Switch has been a powerhouse, dominating console sales around the globe.

As of January 2021, the Japanese hardware has shipped nearly 80 million units worldwide, topping the 75.94 million lifetime sales of the Nintendo 3DS.

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