We can help you network with more publishers, investors, recruiters and C-level executives

Beyond the fantastic conference content, there are multiple events for networking with over 1,500 industry professionals next month at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6

We can help you network with more publishers, investors, recruiters and C-level executives

One of the many benefits of attending the leading B2B mobile games industry conference is that you can take advantage of the many networking opportunities in the form of curated activities to find your next business partner, investor, C-level executives from top developers, recruiters and many more.

We have arranged a number of special side events to meet your specific business needs. These fringe events take place alongside Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6 during the week of April 19th to 23rd. That conference will connect 1,500 games industry professionals with one another. So if you’re seeking funding for a game you’ve been working on, or looking for a publisher to bring your game to market, or you just want to make new contacts in the games industry, we have a variety of tailored events for you.

These activities are free to those who already have a conference ticket but places are limited so you must reserve your slot. Registrations for our fringe events close over the next few weeks, so make sure you don’t miss out and sign up now.

Investor Connector

Investor Connector, pairs companies - or individuals - with investors where they can discuss their potential involvement with one another. These short meets aren’t intended for closing a deal, but are designed to enable an initial introduction that can be followed up either during or after the conference.

The deadline for submissions is midnight Monday, April 12th. So if you’re a developer seeking funding, or an investor looking for the next best opportunity, sign up now!

Publisher SpeedMatch

Publisher SpeedMatch pairs developers and publishers together in a series of speed-dating style emeetings. Similarly to the Investor Connector, these meetings aren’t intended on closing a deal, but can always be followed up at a later point. If you’re a developer looking to connect with a publisher, or vice versa, make sure you register for consideration!

The Big Indie Pitch

The Big Indie Pitch sees indie developers engage in a speed-dating-styled pitching competition, where our expert judges will decide which indie developer is worthy of the glory (and one of our bespoke promotional packages worth thousands of dollars).

We're running two versions of the Big Indie Pitch. One for mobile developers and another for PC and console developers.

The deadline for entries is midnight Friday, April 9th - but places fill up quickly. Please sign up ASAP so the organisers can schedule your pitch.

Pocket Gamer Connects Careers Week

Looking for the next step in your professional career? Or are you seeking recruits to join your wonderful team? Then join us for the Pocket Gamer Connects Careers Week, including a digital jobs board a vacancies mailout, a daily ‘recruitment’ hour in the Discord channel, focused talks, panels and round-table discussions.

Jobseekers can apply for free entry to Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6 here.

Games Jobs Live

Games Jobs Live events are live-streamed recruitment shows designed specifically for the games industry, showcasing the best local game development studios. Each studio presents who they are, what they’ve done and what positions they’re looking to fill. Each studio has its own dedicated Discord chat channel so after the video applicants can follow up with any questions to them and also apply directly to the studio.

Games Jobs Live is a free event which you can sign up to right here.

Journalist Bar

We publish the most important games websites in the mobile gaming space. As well as running Pocket Gamer Connects, we own and operate, the leading and longest-running site for mobile gamers,,, and others. One of the advantages of attending a Connects event is that we can guarantee our journalists will be there as well. For once, developers don’t have to hunt for media reps to show their games to! If you’re a developer working on a game, you can get free consultation from expert journalists at the Journalist Bar in Discord at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6!

There are no guarantees or promises of any specific coverage following a meeting, but it's a great way to get an experienced editor or reviewer to check out your game and give instant feedback. Getting your project on a journalist’s radar is half the battle!

IGDA Mentor Café

If you’re a new, small or indie game maker, it can be so valuable to receive advice from those who have gone before you. But how do you get one-on-one time with successful game developers?

You will receive expert advice and insight from games industry leaders hand-picked by IGDA Finland in the IGDA Mentor Café. In the IGDA Mentor Café, games industry leaders share their knowledge and expertise in short, 15-minute mentoring sessions. After these sessions have finished there’ll be a chance to mingle in a relaxed environment for more conversations.

Space are still available - book now.

NEW: Games Industry Gathering

We miss parties. If we can’t hang out in person, let’s do it online! Join us and over 3,000 hand-picked industry folks for Games Industry Gathering, a virtual networking experience on the final day of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6. Think of it like the hotel bar during a gaming event, except it’s a much safer and more inclusive environment – and you’ll need to supply your own drinks. We’re thrilled that Games Industry Gathering will be hosting one of its celebrated mingling sessions from 7pm on the last day of Pocket Gamer Connects.

Get in the door (free places still available)

Each fringe event is available at no extra charge as long as you are registered for Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6. Make sure you don’t miss out on valuable spaces and sign up now!

We're offering FREE entry to the whole event for indie developers and job seekers. Indies should contact us here, while jobseekers should get in touch here.

If you’re not either, or want to guarantee your tickets, book now and save up to $440 with our Early Bird prices before midnight tomorrow (Thursday, March 25th).

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