Nominations for the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2021 are now live

Lobbying for the 22 categories - including 3 brand new additions - ends on May 18th

Nominations for the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2021 are now live

Did you really think we'd skip this year's  Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards?

Not a chance.

We've had to adapt the timings, sure, but we're delighted to confirm the fourth edition of the event that showcases the very best of this mighty industry will take place on Tuesday, July 20th (updated) - during PG Connects London 2021, in fact.

Between now and then we'll simply have to whittle down the thousands of games, teams, and support and associated services to a shortlist that reflects the astonishing talent thriving at the heart of this sector.

That's a hefty task, but it's also where you come in. We're looking for your nominations across this year's 22 categories (some tweaked, some brand new) and are asking you to focus on anything released, actioned or achieved during the whole of 2020 that you feel deserves recognition.

How do you nominate?

Head to the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards website and fill in the form(s) for the relevant awards you'd like to lobby for.

You can nominate your own or another company's efforts you think should be considered.

Nominations will close on May 18th.

We'll then work out the finalists, hand them over to a panel of illustrious industry judges to vote for the winners, and reveal those on the night of the ceremony.

But you can't win if you're not in – so get nominating.

This year's 22 awards are:

  1. Pocket Gamer People's Choice
  2. Best Advertising & UA
  3. Best Analytics / Data Tool
  4. Best Developer
  5. Best GAAS Tools & Tech
  6. Best Audio/Visual Accomplishment
  7. Best Game Engine
  8. Best Storytelling
  9. Rising Star
  10. Best Tools Provider
  11. Best Games Industry Law Firm [new for 2021]
  12. Best Service Provider
  13. Best Live Ops
  14. Best QA and Localisation Service Provider
  15. Best Indie Developer
  16. Best PR / Marketing Team
  17. Best Influencer Marketing Agency [new for 2021]
  18. Investor of the Year [new for 2021]
  19. Best Publisher
  20. Best Innovation
  21. Game of the Year
  22. Mobile Legend

If you’re in the games industry, you can nominate (visit to lobby). Just remember that whomever or whatever you pick has to relate to content or achievements produced during 2020.

The Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards are open for submissions for just under eight weeks, closing at midnight on Tuesday, May 18th to enable the judging to begin.

The awards ceremony (pandemic permitting) will take place at a central London venue – tickets will be available soon.

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