Explore how AI can revolutionise the way you make games - FREE!

The RoundTable returns next week for a discussion on AI in game development - sign up free!

Explore how AI can revolutionise the way you make games - FREE!

The next RoundTable goes live this week on Wednesday, March 31 with a discussion about artificial intelligence in game development, in association with Ludo.

A.I. has been used in game development for decades, right back to the ghosts in Pac-Man. But has the industry really made enough use of A.I. in the development process, and will it do more going forward? A.I. can be implemented alongside tools that can aid development, even from a game's planning stages.

What’s in store?

We're delighted to share the experts who will come together for this RoundTable, to discuss how A.I. can be utilised in all aspects of game development, from concept creation to building your project and even creating graphics and music.

And the experts discussing A.I. include....

Registration is FREE, so book your place today and we'll see you this Wednesday!

About Ludo

Ludo is the AI tool revolutionising games creation by using machine learning and natural language processing to develop game concepts 24 hours a day and democratising games creation. Ludo is built on a database of close to a million games and is constantly learning and evolving. When asked to find a new game idea, based on intuitive keyword searches, Ludo returns almost immediately with multiple written game concepts, artwork and images. To find out more and try Ludo head to their official site.

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