Niantic launches 5G-optimised demo Codename: Urban Legends

Working with telecoms

Niantic launches 5G-optimised demo Codename: Urban Legends

Niantic has created an exclusive 5G-optimised demo dubbed Codename: Urban Legends.

As detailed in a blog post, the demo is launching as part of the Niantic Planet-Scale AR alliance.

The NPSAR was formed last year, as the company looked to form partnerships with 5G telecoms to advance AR.

The augmented reality demo will be exclusive to key partners of the company – Verizon, Deutsche Telekom, Globe Telecom.

"Verizon built 5G Ultra Wideband for gamers, with ultra-fast speeds and ultra-low lag that unlocks amazing interactive experiences," said Verizon VP of consumer content and partnerships Erin McPherson.

"Codename: Urban Legends is just the type of creative AR multiplayer game we envisioned benefiting from our leading network, and our customers will be able to see and feel the difference 5G Ultra Wideband brings when playing the game."

Is this reality?

The demo has been created on Niantic's platform, utilising the same technology as it hit mobile titles Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokémon GO.

Codename: Urban Legends has been designed to connect multiple people and digital characters in a shared AR experience. Only available on 5G devices, the game will place characters and monsters in the world, which is mapped in real-time.

"Just like Niantic signature titles, Codename: Urban Legends uses smartphones to augment the real world with digital content," reads the blog.

"But we're already working towards the day when experiences like this will also be viewable through AR headsets, making your favourite games easier to play and more immersive."

Recently, Niantic unveiled a new piece of AR headgear, a pair of glasses with built-in speakers. The new tech design could indicate Niantic's intent to lean more towards audio to enhance its games.

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