Mastering Monetization: Using Facebook solutions to build resilience and sustainable growth

An industry conversation with Facebook Audience Network - 22 April at 2pm BST

Mastering Monetization: Using Facebook solutions to build resilience and sustainable growth

While the last year has presented its own unique challenges and opportunities, changes in privacy data look set to create further disruption for game publishers over the next few months.

As advertising and technology has evolved over time, the gaming industry has used this to meet the demand of players who value relevance in the ads that they see. However, evolving user data targeting policies are expected to impact the ability to create personalized ad experiences.

The need for publishers to respond to this while continuing to grow and monetize mobile apps is a fast approaching reality.

So how can gaming businesses reach and acquire high value users, deliver targeted ads, manage CPM fluctuations and close the loop between UA and monetization in light of these new challenges?

The Webinar

In this virtual industry discussion, a panel of Facebook experts explore the solutions that game publishers and developers can use to minimise the impact of disruption.

Whether it’s broadening your player audience, streamlining operational efficiencies or finding a balanced monetisation model that optimises both revenue and retention, the conversation offers a holistic view of Facebook solutions.

The webinar is designed to provide gaming businesses with the tools they need to master app monetization for resilient growth, with topics including:

  • What solutions Facebook can offer to help publishers monetize their game app
  • How to use these to help overcome industry challenges and build resilience and growth long term
  • Real-life examples of game publishers and developers, who have tested and proved these solutions

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