PGC Digital: Why short game experiences are valuable

Less diluted, more intense experiences

PGC Digital: Why short game experiences are valuable

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6, Nerd Monkeys co-founder Diogo Vasconcelos talked about the importance and value we should give to short game experiences.

People may have less time to play for numerous reasons, such as family, work, and relationships. As such, completing long games becomes harder and harder.

"I stopped buying games because of their length, which is something I never expected to do," said Vasconcelos.

The reason being he could not commit enough to the title, like many, he enjoys "finishing what [he] started.

Unsurprisingly, he was not alone, as friends and family also lost time to play games due to "being an adult."

"Shorter games to me are often less diluted and have a more intense experience," explained Vasconcelos.

As such, he feels like there is more passion in the game, that the project meant more to the developers behind them, rather than being in it purely for money.


Short games provide fun in a short amount of time. A good game does not necessarily mean a long game.

However, some consumers do not share the same mindset, given some ask for refunds based on the length of the title. Some have even completed the game and still been granted a refund.

"Users will abuse the system if the option is there," said Vasconcelos.

Smaller games tend to have a negative connotation, despite offering quality experiences that all players are able to complete – "Short does not mean bad."

But fun

It is possible to be successful in the market with a short game, but market trends do not help the case for smaller games.

Publishers tend to look at minimum game time and content, a formula that they know will work for them.

"The combination of these elements skew the view of what short games might be," Vasconcelos explained.

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