PGC Digital: Choosing the right influencer for your brand

Kukouri Mobile Entertainment marketing manager Sophie Riordan discusses

PGC Digital: Choosing the right influencer for your brand

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6, Kukouri Mobile Entertainment marketing manager Sophie Riordan gave a talk on influencer marketing and how to choose the right individual for your brand.

"The use of influencer marketing is growing and is likely to continue to grow," said Riordan.

It is believed that influencer marketing will double within the next couple of years.

Influencers are becoming a core component of marketing. However, "choosing the right one is the hardest step."

Through an influencer, you may be able to boost your brand and reach a whole new audience. Yet, "there is always a risk that it will not pay off."

Naturally, there are steps that a brand can take to minimise the risks of approaching an influencer. Should it go wrong, there can be damage caused to a company's reputation.

The right one

Typically, Riordan will ask for some demographic information before committing to working with an influencer.

Moreover, she will look to see what type of channel they are and how frequently they upload content. Engagement and sentiment across videos is also a key statistic for Riordan when determining which influencers to work with.

Not undermining their value is the first step in a positive and successful relationship.

"Looking at engagement is obvious, but the quality of the engagement is important," explained Riordan.

Meanwhile, average views can help determine the likely success of the campaign, including conversion rates.

For your consideration

There are several types of influencers, from nano to mega. Of course, the bigger the influencer, the more the marketing campaign will cost.

A mega influencer can give a wider audience, yet Riordan found in one campaign that a mid-tier influence offered more engagement than their mega counterpart. Smaller influencers do offer value.

Influencers will consider several factors before agreeing to work with a brand.

A survey found that 44 per cent of respondents would only work with a brand if it were relevant to their audience.

Building relationships

"Do your research," said Riordan when discussing how to manage relationships with influencers.

Being transparent is also critical when balancing and forming relationships with influencers. Moreover, offering a bit of creative freedom can help, given no one understands an influencer's audience better than the influencer themselves.

"Not undermining their value is the first step in a positive and successful relationship," said Riordan.

PGC Digital #6 will run from April 19th to April 23rd. To keep up to date with all of our coverage, check out the roundups here

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