Pocket Gamer LaunchPad #4 starts TODAY!

World-exclusive mobile game revealed, news and live gameplay

Pocket Gamer LaunchPad #4 starts TODAY!

Check out the hottest new releases and the very latest updates from some of the biggest names in the mobile games industry - coming at you LIVE online TODAY and tomorrow (May 20th to 21st)!!

Pocket Gamer LaunchPad kicks off for a fourth edition today to celebrate new, upcoming and updated iOS, Android and handheld games across multiple streams, platforms and social media.

The event centres round a pair of FREE two-hour live streams packed with world-exclusive announcements, live gameplay, competitions and a round-up of amazing games consumers could be playing soon. We’ll also take a look behind the scenes in exclusive interviews as the developers reveal what goes into making the greatest games.

Which brands are involved?

Leading the way is the Pocket Gamer team who are backed by the Enthusiast Gaming network, which is currently the largest games media network in the world which reaches over 200m gamers per month through its network of leading sites such as the Escapist, Desctructoid, Nintendo Enthusiast and more.

Joining us for our fourth rodeo we have some amazing brands including…

How will the event run?

During both days, we’ll run a central editorial channel on that will fill up with news, interviews, videos and more throughout each day, starting from 9am UK time. Then, from 5pm-7pm UK time we’ll run a live video stream full of exciting announcements, showcases, hands-on plays and developer interviews as well as some incredible offers and giveaways. We’ll also have a live Discord chat group where players can discuss the games with each other, our team and developers themselves. Below is the schedule of each day:

09:00 (UK time) - Your first stories go live: new updates, stories and videos throughout the day as we reveal news
10:00 (UK time) - Scheduled activity on Discord and YouTube begins
17:00 (UK time) - Live stream starts on Twitch (you can watch it here too) with hosts from the team
19:30 (UK time) - Live stream recording shared so you can rewatch at your leisure

Don’t miss out!

Join us for the biggest celebration of mobile games  at Pocket Gamer LaunchPad #4 by tuning in TODAY (Thursday, May 20th)!

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