Italian game industry headcount up 45% since 2018 to 1,600

Maturity of companies also rising

Italian game industry headcount up 45% since 2018 to 1,600

The Italian games industry now has over 1,600 professionals in the sector as of 2021.

As measured by an online poll organised by the Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association (IIDEA), the number of workers has risen by 45 per cent from 1,100 in 2018.

Since 2019, 35 per cent of companies in the country have taken on new staff, with 59 per cent committed to hiring more over the next two years.

The number of firms that brought in over €500,000 ($610,893) in annual turnover and possess over 20 workers similarly showed strong signs of growth.

Across games, technology, art and design, 79 per cent of employees are 36 years old or younger.

Italian studios operating in the business-to-consumer market generated 94 per cent of their revenue in the international market. Europe made up 60 per cent of that figure, followed by North America at 25 per cent.

Italy itself represented only six per cent of turnover from local operators.

"Flexible and adaptable"

"This year's survey evidences positive growth for companies and employment in the sector and shows how flexible and adaptable that the Italian industry was in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic," said IIDEA vice president Luisa Bixio.

"To support the growth of the sector in Italy and strengthen our international competitiveness, it is important to support and implement 360-degree policies in different and complementary areas - such as supporting the development of new intellectual property, making Italy more attractive to national and international talent and investment, the facilitation of international business development and consolidating and developing the know-how of Italian companies."

The quantitative survey was conducted from February 24th to April 1st, 2021 via an online questionnaire, with anyone working for Italian video game development companies (freelancers included) able to participate.

Lots of countries in Europe have seen increased expansion as of late. Turkish-developed mobile games for one accounted for 20 per cent of the top 100 titles in the US in April.

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