Google Stadia to give revenue share based on how often games are played

Developers who add their games to the service will receive 70 per cent cut of overall revenue

Google Stadia to give revenue share based on how often games are played

Google has revealed a new revenue-sharing scheme for developers partnered with the Google Stadia platform.

The announcement was paired with several new revenue initiatives shown at a recent Stadia Keynote at the Google for Games Developer summit. Google is committing 70 per cent of revenue from the Stadia Pro subscription to developers who have added games to the games streaming service.

Stadia Pro subscribers pay a monthly fee to get access to the catalogue of games provided. The split between partnered developers will depend on how often players spend on their game(s), known as "session days." A Stadia Pro subscriber playing a title on one day will constitute a session day, with subsequent days increasing the amount. Playing a title twice on the same day will only be considered as one session day.

Additionally, from October, Google is offering developers an 85 per cent sales revenue share on titles released via the Stadia store. However, the split will only apply to the first $3 million and will then revert to the current industry standard 70 per cent split.

Similarly, Apple and Google have both recently adopted a 15 per cent commission scheme on the first $1 million for purchases made through the App Store and Play Store.

"Reward and incentevise"

Google has also announced a new affiliate marketing programme that will be available to Stadia Pro partners commencing in the first half of 2022.

The programme will see developers receiving $10 for every new user they bring to the platform who becomes a paid subscriber after the initial free one month trial. Google will track studios unique "click-to-play" links that launch Stadia in the browser to award this.

"Stadia Pro continues to be a focus for us to reward and incentivise partners who build great experiences for players, which we're confident will translate into more exciting reveals and content in the future," said Stadia product manager Alan Joyce (via

Stadia recently reached three million app downloads with the platform reiterating that it is "alive and well."

Google is currently facing a lawsuit from 37 US states over an alleged monopoly regarding the Play Store.

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