Everdale was initially soft-launched as Valleys & Villages through a fake company

Game has actually been in testing since September 2020

Everdale was initially soft-launched as Valleys & Villages through a fake company

Supercell’s new game Everdale was originally soft-launched with a different name and under a separate company.

As reported by Kotaku, co-op builder Everdale was soft-launched masquerading as Valleys & Villages and published via Osmium Interactive, a false company conceived by Supercell specifically to release the game.

According to App Annie, the game first entered a soft launch on Android devices on September 21st, 2020 in several countries worldwide.

The game received multiple updates with the most recent being June 15th, 2021.

Even without the industry-leading name behind it, the reception for Valleys & Villages was positive and the game generated over 50,000 downloads on the Google Play store.

Under the radar

Supercell-developed titles, with the exception of 2012’s Hay Day, are most often combat focused.

Releasing the title under a false moniker allowed the company insight into determining whether a game outside of its usual would forte be a success.

Supercell launched Everdale into beta in multiple countries on August 23rd, 2021, describing the game as "peaceful, relaxing and filled with enchantment".

We had the opportunity to speak with three of Supercell’s staff about the development of the company’s newest IP in almost four years.

Meanwhile, Supercell has three new Clash titles in development, Clash Mini, Clash Heroes and Clash Quest, which is currently in soft launch.

Last month, Supercell’s real-time strategy Clash Royale showed a revival after generating its highest amount of consumer spending for almost two years.

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