Anzu partners with Roblox creators, bringing in-game ads to platform

Will provide an additional revenue stream for creators

Anzu partners with Roblox creators, bringing in-game ads to platform

In-game ads platform has revealed it's now offering creators the opportunity to run ads within Roblox.


Through the partnership, Roblox creators will be able to integrate Anzu’s blended ads which become part of the gameplay, such as in titles.

This will provide developers with an additional revenue stream to further monetise their content and enhance engagement rates whilst maintaining the gameplay experience.

For example, developers will be able to place banner ads across in-game virtual objects, such as buildings or on roadside billboards.

Thus far, Anzu has brought in-game ads to many Roblox experiences, including Work at a Pizza Place, Speed Run 4, Wacky Wizards, and Fashion Famous.

Realising Roblox's vision

"Today marks an important milestone on our road to building a cross-platform advertising solution that reaches players no matter where they are or what they are playing on," Anzu co-founder and CEO Itamar Benedy.

"We are thrilled by the interest and uptake we’ve already seen from both Roblox’s creators and some of the world’s leading brands and agencies which are extremely excited to be part of Roblox’s vision of becoming a true metaverse, representing the future of how people learn, play, work, consume entertainment, try on and shop fashion, and interact with brands.

Anzu placeholder ads in Speed Run 4

"This aligns with our belief that gaming is becoming a one-stop-shop where people are increasingly spending much of their digital lives."

In the following months, Anzu plans to bring its ad technology to an additional 40 experiences in Roblox.

Last month, Toya, creators of the Roblox experience, Miraculous RP: Quests of Ladybug & Cat Noir, raised $4 million in seed funding to continue growth in Roblox and expand its hiring and partnership strategies.

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