AudioMob partners with AWS to create in-game audio ads

Advertisers can reach users through multiple demographics, including location and language

AudioMob partners with AWS to create in-game audio ads

AudioMob has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring a new in-game audio ad demand side platform to mobile game developers and publishers.

Using the AudioMob ad platform, brands can upload an mp3 file and a banner image that is compressed to around 35KB (to avoid latency) through the internal code hosted on AWS.

Advertisers reach users based on age, gender, location, language and more. The process works by ad slots opening in games and multiple advertisers bidding for the opportunity to connect with a player.

Previously, many of these processes were handled in-house, whereas now with AWS’s Cloudfront integration these data serving capabilities are enabled without transfer fees.

As exisiting DSPs do not provide audio ads in-game the new partnership will provide a new mobile game monetisation revenue option.

Facilitated progress

Volume detection has also been built so that players definitely hear the ads rather than being able to mute them or set a low volume. There is also tracking to see if users close or click on ads.

"The team here at AudioMob are extremely proud of everything we built ourselves, from the in-game audio ad concept to executing and expanding our company," said AudioMob co-founder and CTO Wilfrid Obeng.

"We did those things ourselves – but AWS has facilitated our progress in myriad ways, and ultimately been a tremendous help in letting us deliver on our vision of in-game audio ads as a more user-friendly and seamless advertising experience."

Recently, AudioMob raised $14 million following a Series A funding round that saw the company valued at $110 million.

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