Wildlife Studios is opening a new mobile games studio in Sweden

Heading to Europe in search of the best developers

Wildlife Studios is opening a new mobile games studio in Sweden

Wildlife Studios has revealed that it is opening a new affiliated studio in Sweden, marking its first office location in Europe.

As reported by, the new studio will be led by industry veterans and will focus on mobile development, operating alongside Wildlife’s other studios.

The aim of the new studio is to tap into Sweden’s diverse range of talent, in addition to continuing to boost the company’s international presence.

A surge in Wildlife

This is in fact Wildlife’s fourth new studio in 2021.

Never Forget Games was announced in February, SuperWow games in April and Foxbear Games in June. 

Creators under the Wildlife Studios umbrella have access to its publishing platform and modules.

"We recognise that Sweden is a fertile area for the game development community and will be launching a significant recruiting campaign to find the best of the best that Sweden and the surrounding areas have to offer," said Wildlife Studios COO Sean Boyle.

Here at, we recently spoke with Wildlife Studios game director Luiz Piccini about the development of its new mobile game Sky Warriors and the difficulty with honing aeroplane controls.

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