Network with the global games industry at Pocket Gamer Connects London

Meet with the games industry’s leading authorities, from publishers and developers, to investors, tools providers, platformers and more

Network with the global games industry at Pocket Gamer Connects London

*Please note this article has been updated as of December 15, 2021 to reflect newly announced dates for Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022

When it comes to expanding your network and making meaningful connections that push your business forward, there is no better place to do so than Pocket Gamer Connects, with our flagship London show positioned particularly well at the start of the year when everyone is eager to do business.

The networking opportunities afforded to our audience is a big reason why past attendees are so eager to return to our live conferences. A huge 97% of attendees state they would recommend the conference to a colleague, and 96% let us know that they would be interested in coming back for more. This time round, we are blending the best of both worlds with a hybrid approach to the event that will enable attendees to connect with a global games industry network through MeetToMatch, a sophisticated online meeting platform, as well as meet chief figures in the industry face-to-face.

Want to know more about the immense value attending PG Connects London can bring to you and your network? Keep reading to find out more.

Loved the opportunity to connect with the industry at PG Connects. I don't get enough chances to do that.
Jane Vaughan - University Central Florida

What’s Pocket Gamer Connects London all about?

PG Connects London is our highly anticipated return to in-person conferences taking place February 14-15, 2022. The very first PG Connects conference was held in London in 2014, and after almost 8 successful years of incredible conferences bringing together the best of the games industry, it’s become our flagship event. Attendees get to connect with incredible games professionals that they may not usually get to cross paths with, and learn from world-renowned experts at the top of their fields.

Historically, our conference attendees collectively have over 5,000+ meetings at our events. There’s no question about making significant connections, as we have matchmaking activities available to pair those looking for complementary goals. Our 1,500 attendees at PG Connects London will be representative of over 750+ global companies from over 75 countries across the globe. There is no better place to connect with the global industry than at our conferences, as our attendees are highly representative of the entire games industry ecosystem.

PG Connects is known as a must-attend conference regardless of what your role is within the industry. Our audience is 70% game makers, and among the rest are the world’s top developers, publishers, investors, tool providers, platformers and much more. This is the perfect opportunity to find top talent for your next big project, regardless of what role it is you are looking to play in its development.

Exciting fringe events

We have created ample opportunities for networking that all our attendees are welcome to partake in. Here are just a few of the unparalleled opportunities you can look forward to at our upcoming conference.

  • Meet to Match Platform: As part of the hybrid experience for PGC London, you will have full access to a familiar matchmaking and agenda platform. We use MeetToMatch as the platform where you’ll find attendees to meet, and where you’ll keep track of your schedule. It’s available for all registered participants to use in order to arrange meetings during the event, with your choice of integrated video chats. This will enable attendees to meet more global connections than ever before even while attending an in-person gathering.
  • Badge Pick-Up Party: Like parties but don’t like queues? Then our Badge Pick Up Party, made possible by our chums at Triple Dragon Limited, is the place for you. Swing by, grab your badge for Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022, plus have a drink and some good times in the company of industry friends, new and old.
  • Global Connects Party: The flagship fun event in our fleet of industry-leading fun events, it’s the perfect way to wind down after a hard day’s PG Connecting. Veterans of our parties – and after nearly a decade of these shindigs there are now a fair few of them out there – will confirm we know how to have a good time. And this year we are returning for more bouncy fun. That’s right, we’re playing table tennis again!

To learn more about other fringe events occurring at PG Connects London such as our pitching competitions, Investor Connector, Publisher SpeedMatch and more, you can find the details on our official conference website.

What the industry has to say

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