Netflix games surpass 8 million downloads, says Apptopia

Teeter (Up) leads the 12 games at 820,000 downloads

Netflix games surpass 8 million downloads, says Apptopia

According to mobile app intelligence platform Apptopia, Netflix’s roster of mobile games has surpassed eight million downloads since the games started to rollout in November 2021.

Currently sitting at a humble 12 titles, the most downloaded game from Netflix is Teeter (Up) with over 820,000 installs. Teeter (Up) was one of five games released at the initial launch, alongside Card Blast, Shooting Hoops, and two Stranger Things games.

The most recent game added to the service is Arcanium: Rise of Akhan from indie game studio Supercombo.

Netflix first launched its games service on November 3 2021, with staggered game releases to follow. The firm has already shown that it is willing to leverage its own IP for mobile games so it is likely that there will be more to come based on other Netflix original series in the future.

Netflix’s moves to muscle into the mobile games space is unlikely an attempt at becoming a leading mobile games publisher but instead an attempt to draw consumers away from video streaming service competitors.

In addition to publishing games, Netflix has also remained active in the games space through partnerships, such as the recent Free Fire and Money Heist crossover, as well as multiple series based on video games, including the upcoming Tomb Raider animated series.

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