Hello Games launches remaster of first release Joe Danger

The ‘Most Determined Stuntman’ returns

Hello Games launches remaster of first release Joe Danger

Hello Games has relaunched Joe Danger on the App Store, inspired by a fan letter.

The original game from 2013 was the first game developed by Hello Studios. It became unavailable as newer devices and iOS updates released, ultimately making it unplayable. Hello Games founder Sean Murray tweeted: "Sadly since iOS culled older games it no longer worked on latest Apple devices."

A letter from the parent of an autistic child has been highlighted as inspiration for the remaster, as the young boy was an avid fan of the stuntman and was no longer able to play as him.

Murray continued: "It blows my mind that something you make can be someone's first game they played, hit at an important time or even be their favourite thing for a while."

He also shared the parent’s letter, which noted that "children with autism deal with a great many struggles, chief among them are great difficulty with social interactions" and that the original Joe Danger enabled "fun with friends and family".

Changes with time

Joe Danger's relaunch sees the game brought back with a higher frame rate and updated graphics compared to the original, as well as ProMotion and Gamepad support.

Sean Murray added that bringing Joe Danger back has been a "hobby project" with years of rebuilding through many technological changes. Players who own the original will be able to update and download the remaster for free.

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