Get your roadmap to more revenue in 2022 at Pocket Gamer Connects London

All the experts in user acquisition and retention techniques will be coming together to share their secret tips and insights at PG Connects London! Don’t miss out

Get your roadmap to more revenue in 2022 at Pocket Gamer Connects London

Pocket Gamer Connects London is just over a week away now. The clock is ticking, and there is no better time to get a closer look at what you can expect from the event.

Today, we’re talking about how to achieve major growth for your game this year. At PG Connects, we lift the veil and discover what the secret sauce for a successful game is all about. Over the course of two days on February 14-15, we are gaining insights from over 250 game industry experts on what it takes to be successful in the industry, including what the best techniques for user acquisition, retention and overall growth are. Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with 1500 industry professionals looking to collaborate, sign up today with our 20% off discount code – it’s only valid until TONIGHT at midnight, so don’t miss out.

Our Revenue Roadmap track is all about learning applicable techniques from the experts that can make a massive difference in improving user acquisition, retention and ensuring growth for your game in 2022. We’ll be hearing from various leading experts in the field on topics such as raising investment funding for your games, reducing risks and saving millions during concept phases, growth hacking for 2022, maximising IAP revenue through localised pricing and much more. If you’re looking to skyrocket your game’s growth in 2022, look no further than this track to get you started.

A massive thank you to our fabulous track sponsor for this track, Pangle. This amazing company is the go-to place for developers and publishers looking to create a seamless experience for their users and ensure maximum conversions.

Keep reading to see a schedule detailing what this track is all about.

Revenue Roadmap: February 15th

9:15 - We’re kicking off the day with an introduction by Steel Media editor Khai Trung Le, courtesy of Pangle [].

9:30 - The track starts with a discussion on how you can market and monetise your mobile free-to-play game even with the increased regulation of F2P games led by Isabel Davies from Wiggin LLP.

9:50 - Learn all about the best practices for sealing the deal after pitching with Amplifier’s Henrik Jonsson.

10:10 - Next up, we’re learning how to raise investment funding for your games from Bobby Thandi of XR Games.

10:30 - Sit back and watch as Jukka Hilvonen of Nitro Games unveils how they use a “test-driven” approach when coming up with new game ideas that saves a lot of money and reduces risk.

10:50 - Learn all about the ever increasing policy and politics around video games from Taso Advisory’s Ben Greenstone.

11:10 - Wappier’s Ted Verani talks about maximising IAP revenue through localised pricing and promotions in this insightful discussion. Learn how to build a profitable mobile game from the experts in this keynote session.

11:30 - We’re in conversation about Growth Hacking in 2022 with Adam Smart of AppsFlyer and Piyush Mishra of Product Madness. Don’t miss out on learning all the top tactics and strategies to maximising your growth in 2022.

11:50 - Next up, we’re tackling some difficult topics around publishing and partnerships, with Victoria Beliaeva from AppQuantum delivering an insightful presentation on how to achieve fruitful cooperation and overcome difficulties in the publishing process.

12:10 - We’re wrapping up the track learning about upcoming trends in Asia and three top trends game publishers need to be prepared for in 2022 from Pangle’s Business Development Director, Alvaro Gil Abad.

This is just a taste of the 20 tracks that we have lined up for the London conference. Don’t miss out on viewing the conference schedule to get a glimpse at everything we have to offer at PG Connects London.

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