Shortround Games staff and tech acquired by blockchain outfit Mythical Games

Will begin working on an unannounced sports game

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February 8th, 2022 acquisition Mythical Games
ShortRound Games
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Shortround Games staff and tech acquired by blockchain outfit Mythical Games

Blockchain games outfit Mythical Games has acquired the staff and tech from indie games studio Shortround Games.

Based in Brighton, UK, Shortround initially began as a mobile games studio and developed three titles, Friendly Fire, Rival Gears, and Global Outbreak, before shifting its focus to console and PC development with the release of RGX Showdown.

The eight studio members will continue to be led by Shortround studio director Andrew Hubbard as it transitions to Mythical Games Europe, where they will help the firm "realise its aspirations" of creating engaging virtual worlds.

Mythical Games Europe is being led by the founder of the now defunct Swedish mobile games developer Strange Quest, Adam Schaub. The first project the Shortround team will contribute to is an unannounced sports game expected to release in 2023.

Realising aspirations

"We’re thrilled to bring the talented Shortround team under the Mythical umbrella, as well as having Adam, Andrew, Mike, and Jikhan on board for this next step in our global expansion as we build out our team and scale operations to bring new games to our platform," said Mythical Games CEO John Linden in a statement.

"The play-and-earn community is rapidly growing, and we as a company are growing alongside it, to better meet the needs of consumers who want to interact and transact in immersive 3D game worlds. Our new studios in Seoul and Stockholm increase our publishing and platform capabilities, and alongside the team from Shortround, and Polystream, rounding out our UK presence, these moves further our position as a leader in bringing decentralised gaming to a mass market audience across the globe."

Last month, blockchain firm Forte acquired N3twork’s techology platform in an effort to accelerate the development of its blockchain games, under the new studio, N3twork Studios.

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