Samsung admits to throttling games on S22 smartphone

Plans to resolve the issue

Samsung admits to throttling games on S22 smartphone

Samsunghas confirmed it throttled thousands of apps’ performance on its S22 smartphone through the Game Optimization Service, with a list of 10,000 impacted apps posted online. However, the functionality did not affect benchmarking apps measuring the phone's performance.

On Friday March 4, Samsung stated to TechM: "The GOS of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is preloaded with our app that optimises CPU and GPU performance to prevent excessive heat during long game play." (Translated).

Towards a resolution

In a statement to Android Authority, Samsung has said: "The Game Optimizing Service (GOS) has been designed to help game apps achieve a great performance while managing device temperature effectively. GOS does not manage the performance of non-gaming apps.

"We value the feedback we receive about our products and after careful consideration, we plan to roll out a software update soon so users can control the performance while running game apps."

It has since been confirmed that Android will be updating its Game Launcher app so that it is able to offer users more control with performance options in its Game Booster Labs section.

The company was additionally asked whether the 10,000 apps – comprised of games and non-gaming apps – listed online were seeing genuine throttling issues. Samsung again confirmed that, when it comes to non-gaming apps, GOS "does not limit CPU/GPU or display resolution".

Last month, Samsung held a hardware launch event for the S22 in the Decentraland metaverse.

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