GDC snapshot: Xsolla dicusses mobile gaming’s walled payment gardens

Xsolla discuss navigating the changes to policies and regulations in the mobile games environment

GDC snapshot: Xsolla dicusses mobile gaming’s walled payment gardens

Some key notes on a discussion between Xsolla’s Anthony Mendoza, regional director, Americas, and Miikka Luotio, regional director, Europe, on how devs can break into mobile gaming’s ‘walled payment garden’:

  • Latin America and Brazil and Turkey are among the most popular mobile games markets, but there is less coverage with some of the most used credit cards
  • The ongoing lawsuit between Epic and Apple and its influence on third-party payments is likely to open opportunities for mobile games developers to additionally monetise outside of the app store, market to players, and define the UX of the developer’s own website – but the lawsuit will continue for a long time, and the true developments has yet to solidify
  • There are opportunities to go cross-platform and scale the audience from mobile to PC and web – but you must recognise the value added for both subsects of players
  • Developers interested in building web shops should consider retargeting – a similar process of UA, but targeting players with high LTV from other titles


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