How do you best work with publishers to get your game to market? Find out at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle

Learn all the best strategies for getting your game to market and working with publishers at our upcoming Seattle conference this May 9-10

How do you best work with publishers to get your game to market? Find out at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle

Getting your game to market is an art, and we have all the secrets to success ready to share with you so you can enjoy your most incredible release yet.

We are giving you the inside scoop to finding immense success with your next release at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle. We’ll be hearing from top-tier publishers and experts in navigating the current global market in just a few short weeks, and you can’t afford to miss out. On May 9-10, over 1,000 game industry professionals will be joining us in Seattle to hear from 150 of the industry’s most renowned speakers.

Over the course of this two-day conference, attendees will have limitless opportunities to network with top global companies and expand both their networks and their minds through our expert-led sessions. Don’t miss your chance to secure your ticket at a reduced price, we still have our Mid-term offer available for a limited time, head over to our website and book your ticket before time runs out – it’s only available until tomorrow at midnight, so don’t wait.

Publishing is core to the games business. Through our Art of Publishing track, we explore how to best work with publishers to get your game to market. Get all the exclusive intel on the best practices to work with publishers and set yourself up for success with your release. We navigate topics such as how to find a publisher, whether casual games are still dominating the charts, step-by-step rundowns to self-publishing and demystify developing and releasing your game on Xbox. It’s going to be an unmissable track.

Keep reading to see a schedule detailing what this track is all about.

The Art of Publishing: May 10th

10:30 - We’re starting the track off strong with a panel on finding a publisher in 2022 hosted by Kay Gruenwoldt of Walking Squid Advisory. It will feature Justin Burnham of Subnation, Ryan You of Galaxy Interactive, Josh Burns of FunPlus and Mike Domaguing of 2124 Publishing.

11:10 - Keynote session to be announced with an exclusive representative from Jam City.

11:30 - Fireside session to be announced with our very own Sophie Atkin and Netflix Games’ Leanne Loombe.

11:50 - Are casual games still the dominant force in mobile gaming? Find out in this incredible panel hosted by Jon Kimmich of Software Illuminati. It features Scott Prather of Rogue, Reine Abbas of SPICAtech / WIXEL Studios, Josh Nilson of East Side Games and Athena Peters of Rainbow Unicorn Games / Mobile Game Docto.

12:30 - Round out the morning with an insightful discussion on getting started on your journey to develop and publish games for Xbox, PC and xCloud led by an exclusive Xbox representative.

This is just a taste of the tracks that we have lined up for you in Seattle. Don’t miss out on viewing the conference schedule to get a glimpse at everything we have to offer at PG Connects Seattle.

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See you in Seattle!

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