Five reasons you can’t afford to miss Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle – even if you can’t make it to Seattle next week

Not able to make it to Seattle next week? No worries! We have digital tickets available for our global friends, so you can join us from wherever you are in the world.

Five reasons you can’t afford to miss Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle – even if you can’t make it to Seattle next week

Our highly anticipated return to the West Coast is just a few days away now, and there’s no reason you can’t join us (even if you can’t physically make it to Seattle)!

Our number one priority at Pocket Gamer Connects is connecting as much of the games industry as we possibly can. To facilitate this, we have digital tickets available for anyone who can’t make it to the conference in person, and these tickets have massive value that you can start taking advantage of today if you register. Our meeting platform has gone live early, meetings are already getting scheduled and connections are being made. If you don’t want to miss out on all the fun and exciting business opportunities, all you have to do is book your ticket over at our official conference website and you’ll be able to jump straight into the meeting platform straight away. Diaries get booked up quickly, so if you’re looking to make connections with specific companies in attendance, don’t wait until the last minute!

Want to know all the other perks that come with being a digital attendee? Read on to find out more about the incredible benefits that come with attending PG Connects Seattle from the comfort of your own couch.

1. Watch expert talks at your leisure and catch up with anything you missed on-demand.
Two sessions you find interesting taking place at the same time? Not a problem! You’ll be able to rewatch both of them at a time that best suits you through full on-demand access to replays of all our expert talks, even after the official two days of the conference come to a close. You don’t have to worry about missing any of the content – you can enjoy it in your own time by taking advantage of our sophisticated on-demand access system, regardless of when speakers are actually taking the stage in Seattle.

2. A hybrid event means more people and companies are able to attend from anywhere in the world, so you can expand your horizons more than ever before
At our first-ever hybrid conference in London this past February, we got to welcome more global attendees than ever before. We’ve decided to continue our hybrid approach to increase accessibility beyond borders, which means that we’ll be welcoming some 1,000 attendees from all over the globe to Seattle. You may not normally cross paths with all these delegates at our live events, but you’ll be able to chat and schedule meetings with as many of them as you please. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to connect with more global industry leaders than ever before.

3. You can plan ahead, be super-efficient and laser-focused with your time
With our on-demand access system and meeting scheduling platform, you can get the best possible value from your ticket by planning ahead and attending the talks you want to actively participate in by asking questions and replaying the ones you would rather just sit back and enjoy. Since our meeting platform is already live, dozens of meetings are already being scheduled prior to the event – if you sign up now and start scheduling those meetings early, you will come away from PG Connects with all the contacts you’re looking for and more! Don’t hesitate to sign up right now and make the most out of your PG Connects experience.

4. Take part in this global games industry event wherever you are in the world
Borders aren’t a factor in attending PG Connects Seattle! This is a truly global conference that will be welcoming attendees from all over the world. At our digital events, we regularly welcome attendees from over 50 countries around the world, so, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know industry professionals from all over from the comfort of your own home. All you need is an internet connection and a ticket to the conference.

5. Take advantage of our special discounts available for you if you’re an indie developer or publisher
You can still take advantage of our discount available for indie developers, developers and publishers even if you’re joining us digitally. We have a wide variety of ticket options available, so you don’t have to empty your wallet in order to join us at PG Connects, whether in-person or digitally. Check out all the ticket options available and see what suits you best over at our official conference site.

Ready to join us digitally?
Now that you know all that you’ll be missing out on if you don’t make it to PG Connects Seattle from your computer or tablet, you can get in on all the fun straight away. Head over to our website to buy your digital ticket (or your in-person one if you’re able to make it to Seattle!) and get your networking started via our meeting platform straight away. You know you don’t want to miss out!

See you in Seattle, whether virtually or in person!

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