MAG hosts reforestation initiative in third consecutive Playing for the Planet appearance

In-game events themed around reforestation developed at Green Game Jam

MAG hosts reforestation initiative in third consecutive Playing for the Planet appearance

MAG Interactive has announced the launch of several forest events in participation with the UN’s Playing for the Planet initiative for the third consecutive year.

Aiming to highlight the importance of reforestation, all of MAG's live games will involve forest events, including a special quiz to feature in QuizDuel.

Planting the seeds

In MAG’s events, players will be able to buy bundles that provide in-game bonuses as well as give opportunities to plant trees through Ecosia. The company will also be donating to Ecosia itself.

"We are happy to involve MAG in Playing for the Planet for the third time. It is an inspiring initiative to work together with players and other gaming companies for a common cause," said MAG CEO Daniel Hasselberg.

Ecosia head of business development Jon Marks said: "We’re delighted to partner with MAG and their community to provide a simple way for millions of players to be climate active. Through this Playing for the Planet initiative, Ecosia will help hit the goal of one million additional trees planted which will continue our reforestation efforts across biodiversity hotspots around the world."

The events were developed during this year’s Green Game Jam workshop, and the reforestation theme was chosen to highlight the positive effect planting trees can have on the environment.

"We’ve been really impressed by the leadership of the gaming industry in testing how green activations in games can change gamers’ behavior," said UN Environment chief of youth, education and advocacy Sam Barratt.

"The ideas from MAG are some of the best-in-class, and we look forward to seeing where they go next in taking environmental themes into the heart of their games."

Playing for the Planet's Green Game Jam won Best Innovation at the 2022 Mobile Games Awards, alongside, two projects which aptly highlight the growing urgency in tackling climate change.

MAG Interactive released a financial report showing its Q2 2022 revenues to be $8.1 million, up 6 per cent as its strongest Q2 to date. Meanwhile, fellow Sweden-based company Stillfront released its Q1 2022 interim report with net revenue of $172 million during the period.

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