Level up your financial strategies at Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto

Join us in Toronto this July 6-7 for our first-ever PG Connects conference in this diverse, bustling city! You can take advantage of our Mid-Term ticket pricing for a limited time.

Level up your financial strategies at Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto

We’re lifting the veil on all the top CFOs’ strategies to scaling their business revenue this summer, and you won’t want to miss out.

There is no place like Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto if you want all the exclusive details on how you can play like the biggest money makers in the industry and take your financial strategies to the next level. Join us and 750 other games industry delegates for the first ever iteration of the top b2b gaming industry conference in Toronto, it’s going to be amazing.

It’s the same conference you know and love with all-new opportunities in an incredible new city. Over July 6th to 7th you will get to hear from over 150 of the world’s biggest authorities in gaming and connect with representatives from companies like Google, Netflix and Electronic Arts. What better way to expand your network and pick the most brilliant, forward-gazing minds in the industry? Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join us this summer, we have just released a wave of virtual tickets and we currently have a Mid-Term offer available – no excuse not to be there come July and truly invest in taking your career to the next level you’ve been dreaming of!

Today, we’re kicking off our series introducing you to the tracks that will be featured in our Toronto show. We’re starting strong with our CFO Insider track. This track is all about learning top CFOs’ practical advice on creating financial security and success for your business. The track will feature sessions tackling topics such as a framework for valuing gaming studios, comprehensive government funding for developers in both Canada and Europe and how to go about preparing your conference for an exit. You won’t want to miss it.

A massive thank you to Pollen VC, the incredible sponsor that is making this track possible. Pollen VC is the gaming industry’s go-to lender. They allow you to borrow up to four times your monthly revenue, financing your user acquisition strategies and allowing you to scale faster than ever.

Keep on reading to find out more about what the track is all about.

CFO Insider: July 6
11:20 - We’re kicking off the track with Martin MacMillan from our fabulous sponsor Pollen VC as he sets out a framework for valuing mobile gaming studios! Don’t miss this insightful session.
11:40 - Next up, Ayming’s Serge Landry will be discussing comprehensive government funding for game developers in both Canada and Europe.
12:00 - How do you prepare your company for an exit? Join Martin MacMillan of Pollen VC and more in this eye-opening panel.

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See you in Toronto!

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