Unity Gaming Services tools now live for game developers

Introduced in October 2021, several Unity Gaming Services tools are now exiting open beta

Unity Gaming Services tools now live for game developers

Following the launch of Unity Gaming Services in October 2021, which saw thousands of game developers from more than 230 countries registering during open beta to utilise the new tools, several UGS tools are now exiting open beta.

UGS allows game developers to integrate its tools aligned with the needs of their games for free no matter which game engine they use. Furthermore, it seeks to help game developers or studios, of all sizes, to build quality gameplay by using a single platform with centralised data and SDKs built for interoperability.

UGS is focused on the multiplay side of the games as it offers such solutions to measure game performance and player behaviors, create a safer environment among player accounts, improve server-side operations through the cloud, create and manage in-game economy systems, and more.

Among the tools leaving open beta include:

  • Analytics
  • Authentication
  • Cloud Save
  • Cloud Code
  • Economy
  • Game Overrides
  • Lobby
  • Relay

Prior to these tools, UGS has already had several other tools that have been operating, especially for multiplay games, such as Netcode for GameObjects, Vivox Voice Chat, and Text Chat.

Some of the games that already adopted several UGS tools are Knockout City by Velan Studios, Ship of Fools by Fika Productions, The Wagadu Chronicles by Twin Drums, Chest Chaser by Nvigia, and Call of Colors by Passion Punch Studio.

Unity was nominated in multiple categories at the 2022 Mobile Games Awards, and won Best Engine.