Appodeal Stack’s in-app bidding solution BidMachine is officially supported by AppLovin MAX

The partnership will allow MAX publishers easy access to Bidmachine's demand

Date Type Companies involved Size
August 1st, 2022 partnership AppLovin
Appodeal Stack
Not disclosed
Appodeal Stack’s in-app bidding solution BidMachine is officially supported by AppLovin MAX

All-in-one growth platform Appodeal Stack has announced a new partnership with Applovin through its Bidmachine platform.

Through this partnership, Bidmachine will integrate its in-app bidding solution on Applovin’s monetisation platform, MAX, as an SDK bidding platform. This will allow MAX publishers to connect to Bidmachine’s demand more easily, without having to rely on custom integrations.

“BidMachine - MAX partnership is the perfect symbiotic relationship. Both companies see it critical to building lasting customer relationships through a powerful technological and demand ecosystem,” Said Bidmachine Business Performance Director Fernando Granata. “In-app bidding allows advertisers to see more publisher inventory and publishers’ inventory to be available to more advertisers, which makes it a more democratised advertising solution all parties benefit from”.

Taking advertising in new directions

This partnership is the latest in a growing trend of in-app bidding becoming more standardised across in-app advertising. Companies are continuing to adopt new tactics and implement advanced solutions to stand out from the crowd. As one of the first on-app bidding solutions on the market, Bidmachine continues to evolve to address the growing demand for transparency and fair competition in an increasingly crowded market.

As consumers become more aware of issues regarding privacy, they’re becoming increasingly concerned with how their data is collected and used. Despite this, in-app ads remain crucial for user acquisition and retention. In June we spoke to AppLovin's Saloni Gangal, who discussed the misconception that users don't want advertising in games.


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