Purchase Behaviour Targeting Insights To Scale IAPs in the Age of 'the App-ocalypse'

Brett Orlanski of Bango Audiences speaks on getting out of the app-ocalypse

Purchase Behaviour Targeting Insights To Scale IAPs in the Age of 'the App-ocalypse'

At Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki a keynote talk covered the topic of purchase behaviour insights and how to scale IAPs in ‘the age of the app-ocalypse’.

The talk was introduced by Steel Media Ltd COO Dave Bradley, who welcomed Brett Orlanski to the stage as the discussion speaker. Orlanski is the senior vice president of Bango Audiences, leading product strategy and sales for the company, with a focus on making it easy for developers to utilise Bango Audiences' user acquisition campaigns.

It's the app-ocalypse

Finding users has always been a challenging task, however in the past this process was easier as you could monetize better, plus more easily and cheaply, but now times are tougher as more regulations have been put in place, and the research conducted by Bango showcases this.

Research which included over 300 app developers and app marketers and the results show that 60% of marketers are concerned about the implications of recent changes, and the impact that will send through their user acquisition strategy. Other data shows 59% of marketers have lost revenue in the recent changes to Cookies, iOS IDFA, new regulations, and privacy updates. All of these things are changing the world of app marketing.

In the changing world of ads, marketing teams are going to need to take on new strategies. This brings us to purchase behaviour targeting, the idea being to find a way to work with updated privacy regulations but still make a good return on marketing schemes.

Orlanski spoke about purchase behaviour targeting by saying that it shows payers, not just users, and also recalls patterns. The data used will be processed across major app stores to build custom audiences who are more likely to make purchases, and this is all based on what they have bought in the past. By using this type of data developers can ensure they are not wasting time and money targeting people that will not become paying users.


Orlanski went on to discuss some trends to keep in mind, such as staying in your lane by targeting users who pay in similar apps, and targeting categories with a high overlap of payers. In terms of overlapping genres, research shows that users who play certain genres and pay money, will also be more likely to cross over into other categories. For example arcade game players may see an overlap with those downloading casual games, and interactive story-based players may cross over into puzzle games. Orlanski commented that “these are unrelated games yet we see commonality with players”. Further to this, Orlanski did comment that it is also important to focus on high LTV app categories, as not all overlapping categories will be useful.
The discussion finished with Orlanski saying that Bango Audiences can help companies find the right data to target the correct paying users through purchase behaviour targeting.

Armed with this information, studios may yet be able to find a way out of the app-ocalypse.

A Digital Turbine marketing survey recently showcased results regarding app installs. Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki may be over but keep your eyes peeled for our contuined coverage of the event.

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