Yahaha Studios partners with Synty Studios

The partnership will see the expansion of Yahaha's 3D asset library

Yahaha Studios partners with Synty Studios

Yahaha Studios, the no-code 3D game creation platform, has announced its partnership with Synty Studios, an innovative 3D asset publisher. Synty Studios produces high-quality, game-ready, and low-poly assets, and the partnership hopes to enable a new level of creativity in the Yahaha platform.

With the new additions from Synty Studios, Yahaha now holds over 115,000 assets on its platform. The partnership will grant creators the ability to experiment with a series of new assets, and marks Synty Studios’ expansion into the metaverse. Yahaha's platform is targeted at creators of all levels as its no-code system is supported by tutorials and premade assets, a series of tools also make it easier for creators to build 3D content. This ever-growing library is the next step towards Yahaha reaching its goal of having over one million assets on the platform.

Expanded opportunities

Pengfei Zhang, co-founder and COO at Yahaha Studios, commented on the partnership saying, “By partnering with Synty Studios, we are introducing a new wave of recognisable, visually stunning, and otherworldly assets to the YAHAHA platform. We believe that these assets will greatly excite the YAHAHA community, as it provides them with more materials to grow their skills on, as well as create unique scenes. We aspire to have over one million assets available for our creators to use, making it easier for them to create content, experiment, and enhance their skill level.”

Director at Synty Studios Mike Clephane also commented on the new partnership and what it means for the future “We are so excited to partner with YAHAHA, not only because the platform provides a safe space where users can develop their skills using our assets, but also because we believe we are a great fit with their creative community. We appreciate how accessible the YAHAHA platform is for game developers to use and hope that we can further our partnership with Yahaha Studios, to continue unlocking new worlds of adventure.”

Yahaha also announced another partnership last month with CGTrader which extended the asset library for the platform.

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