AppsFlyer on how to maintain transparency whilst optimising user acquisition

We spoke to AppsFlyer managing director Daniel Junowicz at PGC Helsinki

AppsFlyer on how to maintain transparency whilst optimising user acquisition

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2022 was our biggest show in the region to date. Over 700 companies from 56 countries around the world and more than 1500 attendees came together to network, share their insights,and celebrate the mobile gaming industry.

We spoke to some of the most influential people at the event from a variety of companies, ranging from game developers and publishers to user acquisition specialists.

One of the people we spoke to was AppsFlyer managing director Daniel Junowicz, who discussed the company’s approach to optimising revenue.

AppsFlyer’s software enables businesses to track and optimise their acquisition funnel. Junowicz described the company as “helping mobile marketers grow the profitability of their app” through measurement, analytics, engagement, and fraud protection technology, giving developers the insights necessary to improve app performance. This allows businesses to “create more revenue, understand where the users that are creating added value for the business are coming from and bring more of those users.”

Junowicz considers AppsFlyer the judge of the digital marketing landscape. “We help marketers understand from which one of the different ad networks or sources the best users are coming from.” The company’s ten years of experience and product integration with more than 7000 different distribution channels are cited as things which help AppsFlyer stand out from the crowd.

Junowicz states that the company is unbiased, which is important as it allows the company to offer the best possible service for each individual client and connect them to the right distribution channels for each individual product.

This stance also helps when it comes to providing transparency. “If we need to make a decision, let’s say an attribution decision, and we need to tell you that this user actually came from a campaign on Facebook, and not on Google, we don’t really care if we need to attribute and give credit to Google or Facebook or vice versa or anyone else because we’re neutral. We just care about giving you the transparency and the accurate data for you to make the right decision.”

The next Pocket Gamer Connects event will be held in Jordan on November 12-13, followed by the Pocket Gamer Connects Leader Summit in Riyadh from November 30 to December 1.


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