52.3% of Canadian gamers play games on mobile devices - more than any other platform

Android sees the bulk of installs across the top five games

52.3% of Canadian gamers play games on mobile devices - more than any other platform

A new report by Time2play has delved into Canada’s mobile gaming industry, finding that more Canadians play on mobile devices than any other platform.

52.3 percent of the gamers surveyed play on their phones, and 17 percent of those do so for between 1 and seven hours a week. In contrast, only 9 percent play for between thirty minutes and an hour, while 1 percent play for 28-35 hours and 1 percent play for more than 35 hours. This suggests that gamers are more likely to devote a reasonable amount of time to mobile gaming, than to play only occasionally or for short amounts of time.

The summer’s smash hit Diablo Immortal is the most downloaded game on the App Store, with 275,732 installs. On Android meanwhile, the most downloaded game is Pocket Monsters Rush, with 354,447 downloads. Only one game, Bucket Crusher, appears in the top five on both app stores, with 210,635 downloads on Apple devices and 211,970 on Android.

Success across markets

Taken together, this data suggests that gaming is somewhat more prevalent on Android than iOS devices. The report shows a cumulative 1.02 million installs for the top five mobile games on Apple phones, compared to 1.25 million on Android devices.

However, it should be noted that while Android had two games with more downloads than the top performer on iPhone devices (Pocket Monster Rush and Apex Legends Mobile, which has been downloaded 303.1 thousand times), there appears to be a steep decline lower down the charts, with the platform’s number five game, Dream Wedding, having been downloaded around 10 thousand times fewer than the iPhone’s number five game, Fill The Fridge! (164.2 thousand compared to 173.8 thousand.)

Last month, we reported that Adverty and Apex Mobile Media are partnering to offer advanced in-game ads in Canada, with a possible US deal on the cards should the collaboration prove successful.


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