Pocket Gamer Connects London partners with Games Forest Club to help reduce the carbon footprint associated with conference travel

Find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint when attending Pocket Gamer Connects London, January 23-24

Pocket Gamer Connects London partners with Games Forest Club to help reduce the carbon footprint associated with conference travel

Pocket Gamers, special announcement incoming! We are delighted to reveal that we are working with the Games Forest Club for our upcoming flagship conference at the end of this month, Pocket Gamer Connects London.

We could not be more proud to support this incredible mission in creating a less heavy ecological footprint and care for the forest. We are partnering with them to help offset the carbon footprint associated with conference travel, and to care for a section of forest in Peru.

Keep on reading for the full details on this amazing organisation, their mission and our partnership for our upcoming show.

Who are GamesForest.Club?
Games Forest Club is a non-profit organisation guiding the games industry to a climate-positive future by 2030. With data-driven and transparent reforestation and forest conservation, the GamesForest team reduces the companies’ and their players’ ecological footprint, regenerating climate and biodiversity. Innovative solutions make regeneration profitable while taking a brand on a regenerative journey.

What do GamesForest.Club do?
The Games Forest Club supports the Games and Creative Industries to actively invest in carbon absorption via planting and protecting forests. The goal is to protect and restore nature with the power of gaming and together with the good hearts and minds of our industry.

The organisation sees nature restoration as a major cornerstone to fight climate change. The latest numbers from the WWF show that we are losing 30 football fields of forests every minute. With that we are losing our biggest ally in the fight against climate change as forests absorb huge amounts of carbon. If we don’t get that problem under control, even transformations of the biggest carbon releasing industries will run into nowhere.

Climate Change is of course by far the biggest challenge humankind has ever faced; this also means that there lies the biggest heroes’ journey of our lifetimes directly in front of us. Luckily Gaming Companies know best how to design massive challenges in a way that players accept the challenge and have fun with it.

With the Games Forest Club, the engagement of the whole games industry is being covered. All restoration activities in real life are shown in the digital twin “gamesforest” to keep track playfully on the support of the games industry against climate change.

Offset your emissions for Pocket Gamer Connects London
Join Games Forest Club in reducing your carbon footprint! It’s as easy as clicking a box to support their cause when registering for a PG Connects London ticket. This will be presented to you at the end of the process and is optional. Please consider clicking on the check box which indicates you would like to support Games Forest Club. We will then follow up and send you a link where you can donate. We suggest £70, but other amounts are available. This will go to help preserve a section of forest in Peru and also contribute to offsetting the event’s carbon footprint.

Already a registered attendee of PG Connects London? Nice one! Here’s how you can donate. Just head over to our dedicated page and choose the amount you would like to contribute. You will be redirected to a PayPal page where you can submit your donation and directly help reduce your carbon footprint!

You can see the full details on how you can support the Games Forest Club as a PGC London attendee here.

Connect with GamesForest.Club this January at PG Connects London
You can meet the fantastic team paving the way for a climate-positive games industry at PG Connects London this month! Initiator and General Manager of GamesForest.Club and Founder of GameInfluencer GmbH Georg Broxtermann will be speaking on two panels discussing creating a positive work environment and how games can improve the world. You won’t want to miss these insightful conversations! The details for each are below.

January 23rd/Day 1 - Company Culture @ 15:00
Panel: Rise to the challenge: How to create an A game work environment
Kay Gruenwoldt, Nine66
Alexander Krug, SOFTGAMES
Riley Andersen, Umami Games
Phil Williams, King
Georg Broxtermann, GamesForest.Club

January 23rd/Day 1 - Visions & Values @ 16:40
Panel: Gaming With Conscience: What Can Games Do To Improve the World?
Georg Broxtermann, GamesForest.Club
Sam Barratt, UN Environment
Miguel Sousa, Infinity Games
Katerina Burbela, remote control productions
David Barrie, Game Academy

Book your ticket to PG Connects London now!
You don’t want to miss our biggest show yet! This year’s flagship conference is expected to be bigger than any Connects conference in the past, and we couldn’t be more excited to share what we have in store for you later this month. You can currently save up to £200 on your conference ticket using our Midterm offer! Consider donating a portion of your savings to our fantastic partner Games Forest Club – it’s as easy as clicking a checkbox and sending over a donation, and it makes a massive difference in offsetting the carbon footprint associated with conference travel. Head over to our website and purchase your ticket today.

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