Learn how to make the most of your publishing deal at Pocket Gamer Connects London!

Enjoy an exclusive look at the upcoming themes and content tracks of our upcoming show, taking place in London this January 23rd to 24th!

Learn how to make the most of your publishing deal at Pocket Gamer Connects London!

Pocket Gamer Connects London is at the end of this month, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you all the forward-gazing, insightful tracks we have lined up for you at our most content-packed show yet.

That’s right, our upcoming show in London is about to be our biggest by all metrics. Our leading mobile gaming industry conference is returning to London this January 23rd to 24th, and we’re welcoming over 2,000 attendees from the games industry to The Brewery in the heart of London to network, discover, pitch and learn from over 200 of the industry’s top thought leaders from around the globe across 31 diverse topic tracks spanning a variety of topics. As our biggest conference yet, this is one you truly won’t want to miss! Head over to our website today to secure your seat at our show, you can save up to a whopping £200 on your ticket with our Mid Term offer for a limited time!

Today, we’re delving into tracks dedicated to learning about all about publishing. Each and every single one of these tracks delivers unique, curated content to expand your perspective on the ins and outs of working with publishers. You won’t want to miss these tracks if you are a developer currently working with publishers or hoping to work with publishers in the future.

Learn more about the tracks below…

The All About Publishing Tracks

First up is the The Art of Publishing track! We will be discussing how publishing is core to the games business: we explore how best to work with publishers to get your game to market.

The Art of Publishing: January 23rd
14:00 - Session TBA! Stay tuned.
14:20 - Maximising Your Odds of Success: Tips for Building Confidence in Your Game with Jai Dâvé of Ramp.
14:40 - Regulation & Mobile Games: What Is Happening – And What Does It Mean for the Industry? with Paul Gardner of Wiggin LLP.
15:00 - Games 36,000 Feet in the Air with Clare Dussman of United Airlines.
15:20 - What Are Publishers For? Getting the Most Out of Your Publishing Deals with Bobby Wertheim of Curve Games, Christopher Kassulke of HandyGames, Fernando Rizzo of Rawfury, Erik Pöntiskoski of Dodreams, Miikka Lindgren of Sandsoft and Daniel Helmhold of Big Fish.

Next is the Publishing Power track! We will be discussing how to get the most out of your publishing deal and take your game's launch to the next level.

Thank you so much to Voodoo, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. Voodoo is a tech company that creates mobile games and apps. With 6 billion downloads and over 300 million monthly active users, Voodoo is the #2 mobile publisher worldwide in terms of downloads after Google. The company is one of the most impressive examples of hypergrowth in the ecosystem, having raised over $1B and backed by Goldman Sachs, Tencent, and GBL.

Publishing Power: January 23rd
16:00 - Multiplying Your Game’s Margins With Voodoo’s Casual Publishing Team with Alexander Shea of Voodoo
16:20 - How Developers Can Sell Their Original Games IPs Internationally by Working With Publishing Partners Across Different Platforms with Jon Hare of Tower Studios and Andrew Orsatti of FIFPRO
16:40 - Walking With Giants: How To Beat the Stiff Competition in the Mobile Gaming Markets with Josh Nilson of Eastside Games, Antti Hattara of Starberry Games, Johan Eile of Kabam, Felwa Alswailem of Nine66, Christian Haja of SEAL.GAMES, Harriet Hughes of Playstack and Alexander Shea of Voodoo.
17:20 - Fantasy Game Pitching with Oscar Clark of Fundamentally Games, Sophie Artemigi of Hook up the game, Mafalda Duarte of Nerd Monkeys, Martine Spaans of Tamalaki.

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