Xsolla opens new offices in Kuala Lumpur

Continuing a trend of investment in the region, video game commerce company Xsolla has opened new Malaysian offices

Xsolla opens new offices in Kuala Lumpur

Xsolla, the global video game commerce company, today announced the opening of their new offices in Kuala Lumpur. The offices located in Malaysian capital are their largest outside of their main headquarters in Los Angeles.

The announcement signalled further commitments to investing into the wider Asian region, CEO of MDEC (the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) Mahadhir Aziz, commented “We welcome Xsolla's entry into Malaysia, and their confidence in our digital content ecosystem is a glowing endorsement of Malaysia's capabilities and capacities.”

Managing Director of Xsolla in Malaysia, Ilya Mamontov, offered his statement on the offices. "Xsolla has recognized the importance of growth within the gaming industry and the region. By establishing a local entity within Kuala Lumpur, we will expand our network to help developers provide exclusive access to gamers and their preferred payment method to purchase their favourite games. Because of our regional expansion, we will be adding new talent to the Xsolla development team here in Kuala Lumpur to support the local efforts and our global team."

Into the East

Xsolla has made a concerted effort recently to expand into the Asia and South-East Asia market specifically. This can be seen with their adoption of Alipay+ as a supported payment service. A major step that can’t be understated as digital payment systems are used widely in the SEA region. This indicates not only their knowledge of the region but also their dedication to long-term investment. The opening of their new Thai offices merely confirms that they want to grow their presence in the region.

It’s unsurprising that Xsolla also wants to heavily push their aspect as a ‘global’ company. For businesses such as video game commerce, coverage is important, as well as public knowledge. By opening their arms to a wide array of partners and opportunities, they increase their resilience at a time of global economic turmoil. As they state, Asia is one key region to gain access to for partnering with emerging companies in the game industry.

Over the Christmas period we also got the chance to put a number of questions to Business development manager for Xsolla, Ana Bogacheva about her experience in the games industry at large.

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