MAG Interactive's record quarter shows 39% revenue growth

According to their Q1 report, MAG Interactive have seen record revenue growth and are strongly investing in UA to push their portfolio even further in 2023

MAG Interactive's record quarter shows 39% revenue growth

Swedish developer MAG Interactive have released their interim report for Q1, covering the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. The most notable stat for this report is that the company has once more achieved record revenue growth of 39%, whilst their average revenue per daily user (ARPDAU) increased by 38%. All of which point to very healthy growth for the company going into 2023, which has consistently reported positive revenue.

CEO Daniel Hasselberg, in his statement in the report for investors noted their growth strategy going forward and how they would achieve their targets for the year “Our ability to achieve those targets is dependent on investments in UA and optimization of our game portfolio performance. We are delivering on both those parameters during Q1, and I am very proud of the work our teams are doing on both product and marketing sides.”

Growing UA and more

It’s clear that MAG Interactive are in a strong position, and are right to boast about their solid revenue growth over the past few years. However, their strategy to focus on UA is a smart one as well. Too often new projects function as a ‘shot in the arm’ to up player numbers. However, even with several new titles in market testing MAG Interactive are working towards increasing their already strong average user numbers on existing titles too.

Hasselberg noted that of their current titles, Wordzee had risen above their expectations significantly. They’ve noted that it’s the most profitable title in their portfolio and are thus investing further into improving and updating the game.

Unlike other companies, MAG Interactive are somewhat positive about the potential to weather upcoming economic difficulties. Hasselberg commented “The ongoing shift in the macro economic environment is likely to decrease competition further and, as such, facilitate the search to find the very best talent.”

MAG Interactive’s Samantha Keane made an appearance last year at PGC Helsinki 2022. Joining a panel discussing the addition of new features to games and how to integrate them without breaking it, in both literal and figurative terms.

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