How Product Madness promote workplace connections and build community

From Pocket Gamer Connects London: The team at Product Madness gave essential team-building advice for uncertain times

How Product Madness promote workplace connections and build community

The past few years has seen a global pandemic, economic downturns, and geopolitical turmoil which has had a demonstrable effect on many people around the world, and Product Madness took to the stage at PocketGamer Connects to discuss how game companies can support their employees.

Product Madness currently has over 800 employees working on six live games, and have worked hard to foster a positive workplace environment through a variety of initiatives.

“Our own sense of trust and reality were hugely disrupted”, said head of learning and development Meng Jiang. “People craved for connection and a sense of community."

To help assess how the company could better support employees, the Jiang’s team ran a variety of initiatives, including employee surveys, focus groups, one-to-one’s and social events, all in an attempt not just to give employees what was needed to maintain productivity, but give them a sense of community which many have struggled with due to issues such as remote work.

The core of the matter

Global Studio Experience Lead Elaine Obeng broke connection and community into five distinct core elements: stories (how we learn and share experiences), communication, symbols (abstract concepts which transcend barriers), rituals (process and procedures), and ambassadors. The company then took steps to hone in on these concepts in order to maintain a workplace environment where employees can thrive. For example, the company instituted new rituals such as gifted days off and Zoom-free Wednesdays, giving employees more time to reflect.

What can employers learn from Product Madness? By putting a strong focus not just on the experience of customers but on the experience of employees, companies can maintain productivity while heightening the engagement of workers and making themselves attractive prospects for jobseekers.

In August last year, Product Madness’s efforts were rewarded with two Stevie Awards: gold for Engagement and Happiness and silver for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment.



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