VoxPop Games brings on Studio Wildcard Founder

Doug Kennedy, co-founder of Studio Wildcard will take on the role of executive chairman

VoxPop Games brings on Studio Wildcard Founder

VoxPop Games, the game distribution platform has appointed Studio Wildcard co-founder Doug Kennedy as their new executive chairman. Studio Wildcard are best known for Ark series of games and spin-offs.

As chairman, Kennedy will provide his leadership and entrepreneurship expertise to VoxPop, and their peer-to-peer games distribution & development platform. Seeking to compete with other platforms such as Steam and Epic Games, VoxPop offers advanced revenue sharing mechanisms and will be releasing their first game to pay developers directly on the platform, Outer Terror, later this year.

Founder and CEO of VoxPop Games, Charles Yu stated “Doug’s deep experience working with a plethora of successful indie games, helping them find the resources they need to be successful while focusing on their creative, passion projects is invaluable to our budding platform. Profit sharing agreements used to be common for indie game studios, but they are a logistical nightmare. Financial trust issues, accounting issues – how do you know the developer will pay you what you’re owed? VoxPop automates that process, and with our next title Outer Terror, we’ll prove we can do it regardless of point of sale – Steam,
Epic, Itch, or wherever else.”

Building (a competitor to) Steam

Kennedy commented on his reasoning for accepting the position. “I am honoured to join the VoxPop team. I already saw the need for a service like this when I was getting Studio Wildcard off the ground and we were implementing employee profit sharing,” he said. “I think it’s proof that not just indie, but enterprise customers alike will want this service. Charles and his co-founder Marc Rodriguez have built a very impressive games platform inonly a couple years. I already told them: this is the best video game idea I’ve
ever heard that isn’t a video game.”

The company’s ambition to create an alternative peer-to-peer distribution network is similar to how other companies have pursued alternative storefronts on mobile. It’s also similar to the work of companies like to innovate new ways to play mobile on different platforms.

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