Little Big Planet spin-off Ultimate Sackboy is out now on mobile

Sony's endless runner comes to iOS and Android today

Little Big Planet spin-off Ultimate Sackboy is out now on mobile

The latest Sony mobile title, Ultimate Sackboy, is now available on iOS and Android after pre-registration opened for Android back in January.

The spin-off from Sony’s acclaimed Little Big Planet series, developed by UK-based team Media Molecule, is an endless runner based on the titular Sackboy character. This spin-off is being developed by UK-based studio Exient and marks a return of the franchise to mobile after previous spin-off, Run Sackboy Run! back in 2014.

The Little Big Planet series had been a flagship franchise for Sony on the PS3 and PS4, but activity in the series in more recent years has wound down. However, Sony seems intent on bringing Sackboy back as an iconic character to represent their brand on other devices such as mobile. A tactic used by other companies, albeit in a limited way, such as Sega and Nintendo.

Developing a mascot

While Sackboy is no Sonic or Mario he is one the most famous, kid-friendly characters in PlayStation’s roster when compared with mainstays such as God of War or Killzone. If anyone can make a jump to mobile with an all-ages appeal it’s the “E for everyone” Little Big Planet character.

It’s also interesting to note that development remains with a British team, as the quintessentially quaint Little Big Planet series marked a notable shift from Sony’s Japanese catalogue and more mature titles on the PlayStation platform. Although some fans may be hoping for new console representation for Little Big Planet, instead the series is getting an interesting if small step into the mobile world.

Ultimate Sackboy won’t be the only Sony PlayStation franchise to make the jump onto mobile, if rumours are to be believed. Reports have been floated that the Horizon (of Zero Dawn and Forbidden West fame) series is coming to mobile and another Playstation alumni Lara Croft has seen a mobile entry appear in 2023.

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