Bedrock provides 3D solution for mobile developers

Cross compiler to make it easier for developers to test and debug a variety of systems

Bedrock provides 3D solution for mobile developers
Creating 3D applications on the mobile platform is obviously a feature developers want to harness, but the systems in place to help with this task are wildly fragmented. This is something of a dichotomy, since the actual application development systems, such as Java, are relatively open and easily accessible.

To help consolidate the integration of 3D technologies into the mobile development realm, Metismo has added a feature to the Bedrock system (and its bundled emulator, Phoney) which allows J2ME to be translated to C++ and OpenGL ES on a range of different handset platforms.

What this essentially means to developers and publishers is they'll be one step closer to a turnkey solution for not only source level debugging, but for compiling a single development into compatible sources for a range of different platforms; allowing them to deploy their products on Brew, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian and more simultaneously.

This could also mean mobile games and applications could be developed at a significantly reduced cost, though whether or not we'll see those figures reflected in the shelf price is a different matter.

One way or another, it does suggest a far greater potential for games to be released cross-platform from the outset.

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