Are AI chatbots coming to Tencent and NetEase games?

Many technology firms are considering services like that of ChatGPT

Are AI chatbots coming to Tencent and NetEase games?

The prevalence of artificial intelligence has been growing fast this year, especially in the public eye. From chatbots, to technology converting text to speech, to imitating famous voices and producing generated artwork, the utility of AI has certainly been expanding of late.

In the gaming sphere, AI is already being embraced in the development process with companies such as UK-based Kwalee introducing KAI (Kwalee Artificial Intelligence), enabling employees to pitch AI-enhanced ideas.

Metaverse giant Roblox has been considering AI’s future, too. By implementing generative AI technology, CTO Daniel Sturman believes that creation processes could be simplified to a point where anyone could create experiences.

But how are Chinese developers reacting to the AI craze?

Room for AI

Perhaps one of the most well-known AI chatbots is ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, a US startup. It is unavailable in China in an official capacity, but some of the country’s larger technology firms have revealed intentions to create similar services, according to South China Morning Post.

Given the Chinese government’s tumultuous relationship with gaming, such as its games licence freeze that lasted almost nine months and its crackdown on livestreaming unauthorised games, the question of whether western AI technology would be permitted in Chinese games may well have been stirring in many minds. Currently, it appears more likely that Chinese companies will be using AI of their own.

TikTok owner ByteDance, for example, is reportedly researching language and imaging AI, meanwhile NetEase subsidiary Youdao is considering the use of a service like ChatGPT’s. In the latter’s upcoming mobile game Nishuihan, there are intentions to implement a chatbot for better conversation with in-game characters.

A recent Inworld AI report found that 99 percent of gamers are excited for AI NPCs.

As for Tencent, once China’s biggest company, there have been no announcements of a unique Tencent AI, but the company has implied that it has the technologies needed to support such generated content and will continue to invest in them.

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