InnoGames to undertake a “strategic realignment” and job cuts

The studio - home to Forge of Empires - is owned by Modern Times Group

InnoGames to undertake a “strategic realignment” and job cuts

MTG-owned (Modern Times Group) InnoGames, developers of enduring hit Forge of Empires, have announced that the company will be undergoing a “strategic realignment” to help the studio become “faster and more agile.”

This realignment will however, result in 75 roles across the company being made redundant, with the studio laying out three key objectives they wished to achieve as a result of this plan. These are to “adapt a structure” which will work better for the company, “empower and refocus” their teams and specifically to “optimise the studio’s cost base.” All of which point to cost-cutting measures and a reshuffle of how the studio is organised.

MTG president and CEO, Maria Reddin commented "InnoGames is transforming the company to adapt to a fast-changing landscape that requires the studio to be faster, leaner and more agile in order to remain competitive. Their leadership team has had to make tough choices, which unfortunately have resulted in the studio needing to reduce the total number of roles.

“InnoGames has put in place a strong plan to support the people who have been affected by the decision to make sure that they are treated fairly and provided with support during the transition period."

‘Tis the Season for strategic reviews

InnoGames would not be the most high-profile company to undergo a strategic review - or realignment in this case. Israeli-based Playtika announced their intentions to do so last year, and have reportedly been courting buyers across the gaming industry as a result.

The move to make roles redundant is also in stark contrast to earlier boasts of InnoGames success of employee-friendly schemes, such as those for salary transparency. However, the news follows an overall trend in tech and gaming of redundancy due to the knock-on effects of a slow 2022 and numerous macroeconomic events.

MTG has been an entrant in our Top 50 mobile game makers list for 2022.

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