Webinar: Take back ownership of your user acquisition with help from Bango

App marketers - do you feel hostage to changing data regulations and self-serving ad platform targeting approaches?

Webinar: Take back ownership of your user acquisition with help from Bango

As the global mobile market continues to change, app marketers are being increasingly impacted by changing data regulations, ad-platform targeting which does not provide the insight required.

As these changes continue, the quantity and quality of data available to app developers have been greatly reduced. Relying on ad platform targeting data is forcing app user acquisition (UA) teams to "go broader", which is driving down the return on ad spend (ROAS).

App marketers are backed into a corner. Is there any way out?

There is!

On Tuesday, 25 April at 8am (PDT) / 4pm BST join an expert online webinar which will pull in experts from games pioneers including: Upland, EastSide Game Studio, Appvertiser and Bango, hosted by PocketGamer.

The webinar is free to attend and offers advice, expertise and insight on taking back ownership of your UA targeting, covering topics including:

  • Positives and negatives of automated ads
  • How do you balance performance versus testing
  • How to inform long-term product development with limited data
  • The latest and emerging data trends to follow and which to drop
  • The one data source you can't overlook!

Pick up practical tips, tricks and techniques for the most cost-effective ways to retain control against automation and take back ownership of your user acquisition targeting.

Our panellists are:

  • Lindsay Anne Aamodt, Head of Marketing - Upland.
  • Hagop Hagopian - Founder & CEO – Appvertiser
  • Dale Lawrence, Head of Client Solutions - Bango
  • Ahmed Mrad, Product Growth Analyst - EastSide Game Studio
  • Oscar Clark, CEO - Fundamentally Games

Register today - and make sure you're prepared for long-term success in today's rapidly evolving app markets.

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