Cygames' Euro and US branches make new connections with the West

“Our new branches will enable us to further strengthen our Western marketing approach”

Cygames' Euro and US branches make new connections with the West

Earlier this month, Dragalia Lost developers Cygames announced the opening of new North American and European branch officesto promote their titles.

We reached out to the company, curious to know more and to get an insight into their aims with the opening of these new branch offices. This decidedly more traditional approach of promotion looks to cover a variety of Cygames’ products, including console and mobile, the latter where Cygames recently saw one of their flagship titles Dragalia Lost being shuttered. But we wanted to know more about why and how Cygames are promoting their titles outside of their domestic market in Japan.

So we reached out to Cygames to get an answer to some of our pressing questions about the recent announcements directly. What particular titles will your new offices Cygames Europe & Cygames America focus on promoting?

Cygames: Our primary focus is to promote and ensure a successful release for our upcoming console titles Granblue Fantasy: Relink and Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising.

What made Cygames want to promote their titles more heavily outside of Japan?

Cygames was established in 2011 and in the following year, launched the global version of Rage of Bahamut, which ranked first on both the App Store and Google Play US charts.
Since then, we have been dedicated to expanding our reach beyond the Japanese market and achieved a successful global release with Shadowverse, alongside the establishment of Cygames Korea and Cygames Taiwan.

With a significant portion of the gaming community being in Europe and North America, we hope that the new branches will enable us to further strengthen our Western marketing approach so that more people can enjoy the content we deliver.

How have relationships with European and US partners been managed so far?

Up until now, we have been liaising with global partners from our office in Japan. We believe that the new branch offices will allow us to work more closely with them, which will help promote our content further in line with the needs of the local market.

Are there any plans to bring previously Japanese-only titles to the West?

Our console titles are being developed with the global market in mind. Regarding titles that are currently not available in the West, we unfortunately cannot share anything at this moment.

Are there any plans to open more branch offices like these in the future?

We currently do not have anything to announce but we are looking forward to broadening the accessibility of our games to a wider audience in the future.

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