ChatGPT’s official iOS app releases in the UK

The AI generation tool is now available on iOS devices

ChatGPT’s official iOS app releases in the UK

ChatGPT, probably the most well-known of AI generation tools, is now available on mobile devices in the UK via iOS.

The tool has already been available online and numerous third-party apps but this will be the first time it is officially released on mobile devices, potentially giving users their first taste of the AI that's already making an impact.

ChatGPT is one of numerous AI tools that can be used for everything from one-to-one chat to cost-saving content generation with its release last year arguably being the spark the current interest in generative AI and its repersussions across industries and society. Sister site BeyondGames goes into more detail on what can be expected from the platform.

A blog post by OpenAI, the company behind the ChatGPT platform, promises that an Android version will soon follow.

Generative AI is a highly controversial technology, with opponents and proponents sharply divided on the potential of its application and eventual outcome of its arrival. ChatGPT in particular has issues, producing erroneous answers and inaccurate statements that - thanks to the breakthrough machine-learning used behind the scenes - it successfully, unwittingly and shamelessly passes off as absolute truth.

Mass saturation

For proponents of AI, the release of ChatGPT on iOS offers an exciting possibility for the broader public to get to grips with the technology and see what all the fuss is about. For opponents it's another step towards the technology being pushed out to a wider audience despite known and worrying flaws.

For better or for worse, the potential of AI in game development is huge. Applications such as the generation of lines of dialogue, or art assets are uses that will clearly save developers a huge amount of resources and time. It remains to be seen as which aspect of the AI boom will hit hardest. Whether it will be to faciliate an increase in quality and quantity of product - with new studios springing up, able to produce ever more impressive AAA-beating output - or, in the shorter term, just another way in which embattled giants can cut workforces, slash costs and make cash.

And, if you follow through on purely logical terms, one day ending humanity's place in the creative process altogether. Thank you, devs, artists, writers, musicians, marketeers… And goodnight.

Some companies implementing AI, such as Ubisoft, have been sure to go to great lengths to assure human creatives the tech will not replace them any time soon. Others, such as Kwalee on mobile, have taken the step of utilising AI in direct relation to their human creatives, allowing its use without superseding the “human touch” many desire to keep.

Regardless of your position on the tech and predictions as to its endgame, today ChatGPT arrived on mobile and millions are about to get their first taste.

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