S8UL Indian mobile esports raises $18,000 for rail disaster victims

The group commonly play a number of titles such as BGMI

S8UL Indian mobile esports raises $18,000 for rail disaster victims

Indian multi-platform esports group S8UL raised approximately 1,500,000 Indian rupees ($18,000) in a charity stream to raise money for victims of the Odisha train accident.

The accident, which took place on Friday, marks India’s worst rail disaster of the 21st century. The S8UL charity stream was organised by member Tanmay Singh (ScoutOP), a resident of Odisha state himself. A number of other members of the organisation, including Naman Mathur (Mortal) and Lokesh Jain (8Bit_Goldy) made appearances, and cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal joined the team in a BGMI match as well as making a donation himself.

Singh stated, "Being from Odisha, I strongly felt it was my responsibility to do whatever I could within my capacity and help the people affected by this tragic disaster. The overwhelming success of the charity stream brings me an incredible sense of pride and joy. Raising INR 15 Lakhs [1,500,000 or £14,000] will greatly aid those in need.

“I'm immensely thankful to the members of S8UL, Yuzvendra Chahal, and the entire gaming community for their support. I am also grateful to my audience whose participation and generosity have played a significant role in helping us make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by the tragedy.”

Playing for a charitable cause

S8UL’s involvement highlights the positive impact esports can have while the involvement of BGMI (BattleGrounds Mobile India) in such a prominent stream also indicates how important the title is in terms of India’s growing esports scene. S8UL has previously been involved with the title, including participating in their first collaboration since the title was reinstated last month.

Earlier this year, game platform hosted a charity relief bundle for victims of the Turkish and Syrian earthquakes which hit the country. Both cases, as well as the work of general charity funds such as GamesAid indicate just how much of a positive contribution game makers and players can have in real world scenarios.

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