Supercell launches educational resource Creator Academy

The program aims to educate influencers on the best practices of covering its games

Supercell launches educational resource Creator Academy

Supercell has launched Creator Academy, a new product which aims to educate influencers on the best practices and take their skills to the next level.

The resource is composed of videos, each of which has a dedicated topic, and aims to help content creators grow their channels. New videos will be added every week, with the aim of becoming the biggest library for gaming creator training, and comes with a quiz which creators can take to ensure they understand the topic.

Additionally, the company will be hosting live streams twice a month, with the aim of further educating viewers whether they’re a part of the program or not.

“We here at Supercell want to provide creators with the tools and knowledge to help them grow their channels which can help those who use our services to become full time content creators,” wrote Supercell Creator Program manager Rick Crane in a Linkedin post. “I personally feel that a lot of companies focus on just the larger creators but I am ecstatic to be part of a company that caters to as many as possible, and Supercell has allowed me to do this.”

Helping the community grow

Supercell creators receive help in numerous areas in order to help them grow their fanbases outside of simply videos. This includes exclusive previews of upcoming content so that videos can be prepared prior to launch, a dedicated Discord channel, and merch codes which can be used in giveaways.

Additionally, super creators - those who are handpicked by Supercell based on their track records - will have their videos viewable in-game through the company’s new Video Inbox system, as well as receive a commission on any in-game currency purchased by fans who reference them. The new program will allow more and more people to take their place among Supercell’s creators.

Last month, Razer added Supercell titles to its in-game rewards program.

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