Free games from and Dennis Publishing

Companies team up to provide mobile users with free, sponsored titles

Free games from and Dennis Publishing
Just as has done for quite some time now, Dennis Publishing and have teamed up to provide free, ad-sponsored games through a network of websites.

Included in the deal are websites such as,, and; where instructions on how to download the free games from's will be found.

"The thousands of online fans of Dennis Publishing's websites are the perfect audience for 123play's brand of ad-funded games – cool, brand-savvy and with a keen eye for a great deal," said Markus Ramark, CEO of "Who doesn't like to get something for free – especially when it's a quality game from one of the industries' best publishers?"

The games will feature sponsorship from major brands like eBay, Britvic, O2 and The Sun. has received backing from a host of publishers such as THQ Wireless, RealArcade, Digital Chocolate, Hands-On Mobile, Vivendi Games Mobile, PlayerX, Indiagames and Progressive Media to bring these free games to the pocket gaming public.

Three adverts will run when launching a game from, allowing players to visit the sponsor's site or promotion via their mobile phone, or continuing to the game without participation. More ads will then run after the game has finished.

"Mobile games are hugely popular," said Andrew Nicholls, mobile manager at Dennis Publishing. "Thanks to we can now add a large portfolio of high quality free mobile games to our offering."

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